2 MUSTS Before Hiring a Marketing Company

2 Musts Before Hiring a Marketing Company

To make marketing work you have to do a couple of simple things. Discuss. Communicate. Be clear with your need. Be honest with your budget.

There are a lot of marketing companies in the world and we have had a first-hand experience with some pretty interesting folks. Considering marketing is a mixture of creativity, sales, and data it is easy to move around the fact of failure or the lack of motivation to execute. These 2 factors were created to help you in your search for a trustworthy marketing company.


What exactly do you need? Is it help with your brand or just simply help with your social media? Our team works hard to help clearly define what you are needing and who you are trying to reach. At the end of it all, if your marketing company does not produce exactly what you are needing then there is no point in hiring them. We work hard to make sure that is not what happens with us. Taking time to not only identify what you are needing but also some practical ideas to get you what you need. Bring these things to the table and see if the firm you have decided to meet with are experts in this area.


What are you looking to invest in? Have you set aside money in this year’s budget for a full-force marketing attack or are you trying to generate revenue on a shoe-string budget? This is another item we like to help you discover. A lot of marketing companies want you to go with a specific package rather than talking through your specific budget and having that honest conversation. That conversation might go “To accomplish your goals you need to budget more.” or even “With your budget we should be able to provide even more than what you are asking for. Would you like this?”